Dude Tangles His Feet & Epicly Faceplants Running Around The Walls Of A Pool

This teenager thought he was a parkour master, attempting to run around an empty pool.

Close, but no cigar, since this genius wall runner didn’t account for a rope which he managed to tangle his feet in.

Scroll down to watch this hilarious video as this teenager faceplants into old, dirty water.

Showing off for his friends didn’t end well for this teenager who was trying to run around the side walls of an empty pool.

It looked like he was going to be able to run around the entire pool until he managed to tangle himself in a rope hanging off the side of the pool, causing him to faceplant.



Adding insult to injury, this foolish teen faceplanted into dirty and disgusting looking black water pooling at the bottom of this mostly empty pool.

Flopping around like a fish out of water, this teen looked more shocked than hurt from the embarrassing experience.


PoolRunning (2)

I bet his friends won’t let this teen live that embarrassing faceplant down for a while.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

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